Calgary Technology Vending Machines

Food Vending Machines CalgaryWith today's lightning fast pace, City Coin knows its customers need the quickest and most efficient service and support available. By deploying the latest in vending technology from the machines themselves to the tools the route drivers use you are assured the best vending experience possible. City Coin represents the finest in modern vending.


Wireless Monitoring System


With our Cantaloupe Systems' Seed device in our vending machines, we have the ability to monitor our machines remotely in real time. Seed is a wireless device that monitors all transactions and transmits data securely so we're able to receive up-to-the-minute overviews of inventory, sales trends and machine status.  


Fresh Vend Guarantee

The Health Control Temperature Setting is a computer-monitored temperature regulation system that guarantees food safety. Crane machines offer contemporary styling, greater merchandising capabilities, and reliably fresh food for your location.


Guaranteed Product Delivery Systems

City Coin install's only new, state of the art vending equipment. All machines will be equipped with Guaranteed Product Delivery systems. This technology guarantees 100% product delivery. Infrared technology detects any unsuccessful vend cycle, guaranteeing that your employees either receives their product, or gets their money back. This new technology greatly reduces the chance that your employees will lose their money or not get the item they have selected.